All I have to say is


Ahhhh I feel so much better. I even waited yesterday to post about the fiasco hours after it happened and I was still so upset (as you might have read). This morning I had a talk with my builder and he was very apologetic and just wanted to make it right. I did end up letting him paint it. My mom came over as well and cleaned for 8 hours! If cleanliness is next to godliness surely she is an angel. Tomorrow I will get curtains back in the dining room, the table centered, put leaves in it and welcome my crew friends over for our annual holiday fun times. I can't wait. Thanks for all your lovely words, I definitely did have that break down coming, and I definitely did need that bath I took at my mom's this morning 🙂

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  1. Wow. I am glad they fixed it for you.
    Your cottage is so beautiful. I love love love the colors too!
    wishing you a wonderful dinner party!

  2. That’s good that the builder insisted on fixing it–he sounds like a good guy.
    Have a great time tomorrow!

  3. So glad the builder made it right! I’m sorry you had to go through that, though!

  4. Nice color! I’m glad it’s the right color – just in time. (I have such a time choosing colors!) Happy hosting!

  5. I am glad that the builder wanted to make things right with you. Your mom rocks. Have fun!!!!

  6. Your Mum cleaned for 8 hours?
    What an angel!

  7. Brenda, Thanks for the kind words! It was a labor of love and I was happy to have the time to help out!

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