Sunshiney Day

I don't think Tuesday quite knows what to do with herself in this heat (high 70s). She's developed a coping mechanism:
heheh she's quite proud of it:
Okay maybe I just blew a raspberry on her tummy. It's hard to resist!
Especially when she pulls her dress up for me. I should say tunic since all dresses on Tuesday are ultra short due to her LONG torso. When she was fussy today my mom said it's because she didn't know what do with herself with out a hat on. Don't worry… I got her a sun hat 🙂

In other news we went to our bradley birthing class reunion. But I forgot to get permission to show all the super cute babies, so you'll just have to take my word that taking those classes makes you have a cute baby! And I've been working for days and days on this:
I still have to get the details on Ravelry, but basically this is the height of my spinning so far. A navajo 3-ply that is very fine. A fingering or sockweight yarn. Each ply was as thick as a sewing thread. What posessed me to do this, I don't know. I have no idea what I'm going to make with it, but I think I need to go spin some bulky yarn now.

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  1. i know nothing about knitting … other than watching you and others do it and wishing i could too … but that purple is scrumptious. love it. and that baby face … aw. baby fever.

  2. that yarn looks amazing! Though not nearly as yummy as laughing Tuesday!

  3. Baby Tuesday = aww, precious…Purple yarn = delicious!

  4. Oh Sweet Tuesday! Love the smiling pictures!

  5. serious baby fever looking at those ADORABLE photos…
    man, she’s a cutie pie!
    and that yarn? YUM.
    i agree with ceara – delicious!
    i can’t wait to see what you do with it 🙂

  6. Your yarn looks great! Good job! Aaron moves home in a week…we’d love to come visit that little cutie, I’ll email you at some point.

  7. I wish it would warm up here!! I have a couple adorable little newborn dresses that we got as gifts for Miri…but it’s been so cold!!

  8. Wow that yarn is gorgeous! It looks commerical actually. And Tuesday – gosh, she is always so darned cute…as always!

  9. The yarn is fabulous! And your baby…those faces are just priceless. Great pictures!

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