Something to gaze at

I have been meaning to do this for a while.

I saw this idea on another blog, I think inspireco, but I'm not sure. 
It was really easy to make. I just took a 12" wreath frame, spray painted it white and then tied ribbon on in various lengths. (Ribbon is all from my shop: The Ribbon Jar). I made sure I tied the ribbon on super tight, and warmed a few of the ends that I thought would fray. 
The ties that are hanging onto the cup hook are made from this ribbon. Now looking into Tuesday's room:
Tuesday loves it, it is very high so there is no way for her to reach it, but it moves a little bit with the fan and she likes that. I think doing something like this at showers, weddings, or with lights and in a studio would be awesome. Happy weekend all!

5 Replies to “Something to gaze at”

  1. i love this!

  2. Her room makes me so happy! 🙂

  3. The colors in the room really stand out with the muted walls! It looks great. I love that mobile idea…It took me ages to find one that I liked. There was no way I was putting up one of those tacky ones you buy at babies r us….. Yours has so much color, you will have to let us know how Tuesday likes it!

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