Working it

Bj just asked me if I was finished with all my work. I think that is something I could never fully say yes to, that's a problem with having your own business (and being the only employee). There is always something to work on. I did get lots done though, with my super special helper.

Tutu helps-39 

Actually though, she is not as big a help as she thinks, but I still love her. I am finally FINALLY getting my butt back in gear with Ribbon Jar, working on fun things like my Special Collection Jars. Heads up I'm going to be putting a lot of stuff on the sale page, and adding lots of new stuff. Plus re-vamping my home page, idea pages, and gallery pages. Oh and a newsletter, I've got to get out a newsletter…. so ya, work is not done. 🙂 It's funny though, just two days of shredding it and I've got more energy, whoo hoo. I know Sciarrino is always telling me this, but I keep falling off the wagon. Not this time though. If I want those cabinets I have to get my act together, the special deal on the price only lasts through mid november – I've got 9.2 pounds to go, so what is that like 1.5 pounds a week. That sounds impossible, but I'm going to give it a go. Damn you mini candy bars in the freezer…

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  1. You can sure tell your helper loves Ribbon!

  2. Throw them in the garbage. Seriously.

  3. resist the candy bars…you’re SO close!
    keep up the great work! 🙂

  4. heard some good things about shred, really need to get on that! I love this pic to death!!!!!

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