Drawer fun

“Mama did you know this whole drawer is full of Tuesday sized papers and cards?!?!?”

Dang I knew she’d figure that out eventually. At least she didn’t open the one on left full of tiny things and sharp things!

Drawer fun

4 Replies to “Drawer fun”

  1. A future crafter in the making!

  2. When my son was small, my Mom kept her bottom kitchen drawer full of things he could play with: pots & pans that didn’t matter, plastic utensils, a few toys, etc. Maybe you could do that with one drawer in your craft room and teach her that it’s her drawer to play in, but the rest aren’t? Maybe crochet a cute bow to tie on the handle of the drawer. Good luck – the fun is just beginning!

  3. That picture looks like the calm before the storm… I can just picture the photo 10 seconds later…papers everywhere and an empty drawer…also a very HAPPY Tuesday.

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