For the girl with the most energy

Tuesday seems to have the most energy of anyone in this household. Thank you for all your well wishes, Bj seems to be on the mend, but still has to get checked up on (again). He is mighty sore, as you can imagine, so, sadly, the little bits of sun we had did not result in family walks, but instead couch time and ice.


This little monkey does not know to be slow and careful and she’s had me running around playing all weekend. In between great long naps for which I am very thankful. We did manage to get out of the house on Sunday – I had to check out Liberty at Target.


Glad we went when we did as most of it seems to be sold out by now. I got two sweet little dresses for Tutu, one for this summer, and one for next.


I just love this 3T sized one I got:


I just loved the fabric on these. Not quite the Liberty fabric that sells for oh-my-goodness-how-much? a yard, but it did wash up like a dream.


And also this cute little bikini:


To be one..

I was hoping for something for myself but nothing fit me right (super narrow shoulders are to blame). And our Target didn’t have a lot of the things anyway (and no men’s). Still it was fun. Even though I continue to not finish projects I have added another one to the pile.


Drafting a pattern from this hand me down wrap dress. I thought it would be easy enough. I have all the pieces cut out now and am going to try my hand at sewing together a sample. I have plenty of fabric to cut into since Sciarrino and I went to a Fabric Depot sale:


Hopefully more progress on my many project fronts to come!

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  1. Sweet, Sweet dresses! Looking forward to summer!

  2. oh my stars what a sweet pic of you two! She is such a little ham!

  3. all my internet friends are all a buzz about the liberty stuff. i’ll have to try and check it out soon! those dresses and bikini are ADORABLE!
    and i love that picture of you too. she sure has your eyes doesn’t she?!

  4. you guys are SO ADORABLE. Tuesday’s eyes are your exact color! Wow! Thanks for the Target tip, I will go over there and check it out!

  5. You guys are too cute! And I love that second dress! 🙂 🙂 I might need to get that dress for Miri!!

  6. I just got dd’s swimsuit in the same print as the first dress.

  7. Cute pic of the two of you! We don’t get Liberty at our Target–boo. Very cute dresses!

  8. Just another reason I wish we had a Target!!!
    Tuesday is looking more and more like her mama!!!

  9. Cute photo of you two!
    I’d never heard of Liberty before I saw your post, but I was just at Target on my lunch break and they also have Liberty picture frames, organizing boxes (yes, I said organizing boxes!!) and quilts. I wanted all of it! You’ll have to check that out too. Our Target also had some boys Ralph Lauren polo shirts a few months ago.

  10. Oh I didn’t see that one, I bet it is cute cute cute!

  11. None at all?!?! It just came out Sunday maybe you could check again. If not boo!

  12. I saw a few organizing boxes, but most of the bedding was sold out already. I really hope they restock some of the stuff!

  13. Cute pic of you two!! Love it!

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