Oh man, Bj is the worst at telling me when something goes wrong. THE WORST. I love him but, well take a look at a conversation that we had earlier today:

phone call from Bj a half hour before he is supposed to catch a flight home (he flies to Seattle to go to meetings – yes he has a large carbon footprint)

Bj: "I've been involved in an incident. I need you to get me our insurance information, our car insurance. I thought I had it in my wallet, but I don't."

Me: "Oh my! Honey are you alright? Just tell me first if you are alright."

Bj: "I think I'm ok, ya, they checked me out I'm ok."

Me: "Ok, let me grab Tuesday and go out to the car and get it."

Me: "Was anyone else in the car with you? Is everyone alright?"

Bj: "I wasn't in the car. Oh wait, I don't need the info I'll talk to you later."

Me: "Wait? What you weren't in a car? But you were hit by a car? Bj, what?"




This is about as good as when he called me while I was at crew practice (we couldn't have our phones with us) to tell me about a doctor's appointment he had. This was his message: "Hey honey, I have to go to Salem to get looked at. But I'm going to be in the hospital so I won't be able to have my phone. Talk to you later." Fun times.

Bj did call back after a few sweat inducing minutes. He had been pulling bags out of the trunk of his rental car when he heard shouting and then crunch, he was pinned. The FORD F150 (!!!) that pulled up behind him wasn't really in park like the driver thought so it rolled forward and squashed my sweetie. Bj is tall so I didn't need to worry about his man bits (totally my first question), instead it got him right at the knees which is super painful. He's all swollen and bruised, and we have to go to the doctor tomorrow to make sure he is alright. I'm sure he's going to be, and then I'll have a nice big laugh about it. I mean come on, when you travel do you ever think about getting hurt, maybe even paralyzed (I like to think worst case scenario when Bj leaves my mind wandering between calls) in a rental car parking lot? Me thinks not. The odds of that have got to be really REALLY bad. 

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  1. Wow – what a crazy thing! And it totally sounds like the call I would get. I have had several of those – it’s gotta be a man thing!:) Glad he is probably going to be fine! Keep us posted.

  2. OMG!! I’m glad he’s ok, but you need to seriously kick his ass for calling like that! Seems he’s had a little bit of a rough year–first falling off the ladder putting up xmas decor and now this?!? I think you’re guna need to keep a close eye on him! P.s. Glad his “man bits” are safe and sound!

  3. omg – glad he seems ok – hope all is well !! BTW – you made me laugh out loud when I read what you wrote about asking about his “man bits”. HYSTERICAL !

  4. holy crap. the FIRST thing out of your mouth in a situation like that is. I’M OKAY. and then go into the accident bit! poor you. poor BJ. hope it’s nothing serious and just some bruising that will heal quickly.

  5. Oh man. Well I’m glad I’m not the only one dealing with a poor emergency communicator. I hope he is doing alright, the knees are not a good thing to have injured!

  6. I hope you get well soon BJ! It will be nice being able to retire early and enjoy all that lawsuit money- assuming he will still be able to walk. It would be a toss up, but I would probably choose being able to walk over lawsuit money….I would definately choose man bits over lawsuit money…I degress. Seriously though I am glad BJ is ok, the way you wrote the blog even had me sweating the outcome. I agree w Ceara, tough year– who gets pinned by two unmanned cars in a parking lot??!!

  7. Yikes! I am glad he’s not hurt too badly and hope he recovers quickly! What a weird thing? I did have a friend who’s dog jumped out of her van once and she put it in park (she thought) and jumped out to grab him and the van rolled over her (well her leg-needed knee surgery!). She did manage to grab the dog, but the car got stopped by a tree.

  8. I hope he’s all ok! Reminds me of the time my best SIL called (at 38 weeks pregnant with her first baby) saying, “Hi, how was your day? Are you doing anything tonight?” and after we chatted a moment she says, “Just wondering cause my water broke.” I was like “WHAT!”

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