That last sunny day

I was far too busy the last really nice warm sunny days of fall to blog about them, so I am now.

Painting with a toddler-3

On November 3rd it was sunny and 70 plus out. Yes, November 3rd here in Salem… OREGON, it was 70 plus. It was sunny, and IT WAS NOT RAINING. Crazy really. I have a bunch of what to do with your toddler type of activity books and one of them suggested painting their feet and having them walk around on paper.

Painting with a toddler-1

I tired to paint them for her, but I got her cute little, “no” and she took over. I must get this no on video, it’s her second type of no, the first one she only used for a week and it went like this, “noooooooooo-ohhhhh” almost like a question.

Painting with a toddler-2

Sciarrino snagged these big pieces of paper for us (a mis-print on the other side) and I thought they would be perfect for custom toddler wrapping paper.

Painting with a toddler-4

Who wouldn’t love to get something wrapped up in this loveliness?

Painting with a toddler-5

I was reminded of this day today while trashing our dining room with paint, apple halves, crayons and leaves. How much I wish I could let the rain clean that up too!

14 Replies to “That last sunny day”

  1. Fun! I can’t wait to do this kind of stuff with Donovan.

  2. cute, cute! love that photo of her painting her feet. adorable.

  3. So Cute and So Fun! I agree with Sarah the one of her painting her feet is just adorable!

  4. What books do you have that you really, really love? I think I need to plan a few things for this winter!

  5. So cute!! Miri’s daycare just sent us home little ghosts that they made using her footprints. They did white paint on black and then added googly eyes and a smile. It was very cute!!

  6. Very cute. Love the painted feet idea. I’m wondering what books are out there too? Please share!

  7. I’m so sorry little Tutu got a UTI, that is NO FUN at all. Have experienced that loveliness myself once, ouch.
    I love these pictures of her little toes! Oh baby and toddler toes are soooo adorable!
    My sister is coming to town with her baby for my mom’s wedding Thanksgiving weekend. I am sooooo looking forward to spending some serious baby toe and tummy time!

  8. Ummm… I want to do this! Would that be weird?

  9. Yes, it’s nice to pull out a book when I’m tired or a bit lost of where to take the day. I just posted some links for you:

  10. I saw that on a blog, cute, cute, cute! Can you imagine doing that every year and having a little village of ghosts to hang up?

  11. Yes, it’s nice to pull out a book when I’m tired or a bit lost of where to take the day. I just posted some links for you:

  12. I didn’t even think to do it myself (I was busy peeling onions to put up), but I think it would be fun. Though it took multiple baths to get the paint off her feet. 🙂 I would dig a present wrapped with paper like this if you try it!

  13. p.s. you could always dip Tux in some paint LOL

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