Public Service Announcement.

Hey, guess what? You’re not supposed to put babies and toddlers in a bath with grown up bubble bath. I know what you’re thinking, no bubbles, that’s so sad!
You know what’s more sad? Your 22 month old clutching you while she pees because she has a UTI. I thought that was something that only happened if you left your kid in a dirty diaper all day. Um, no. Turns out their sensitive little parts can’t handle all the bad stuff in bubbles (and there is bad stuff in there I’ve learned). I did get some California Baby bubble bath because it is supposed to be gentle enough, but I’m so afraid of her getting sick again who knows when I’ll use it!

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  1. Poor Tuesday! I learned with my oldest not to do bubble baths through an experience similar to yours. In fact, she only had one bubble bath. Due to that experience, my youngest (now 6) has never had a bubble bath. In fact she doesn’t get washed until she is ready to get out of the bath, but she still has recurring UTI’s. She has had enough to go in for further testing, but everything came back normal. Apparently they think the recurring UTIs are due to wiping too hard. These female parts are just too sensitive. 🙁

  2. Oh no!!! Poor thing. We don’t really ever use bubble bath anymore. We are boring. 😉 I never thought of the UTI thing…I just never bought any after our initial bottle of Little Twig ran out!!

  3. oh man! scary! we always use Lucca’s body wash/shampoo to create a “bubble bath” but now i’m scared about that too. hope she feels better 🙁

  4. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about Tuesday! Kids love bubble baths! We use Burt’s Bees shampoo, which works into a great lather when I scrub the kids with the washcloth. Once in a while we use the California Baby Bubble Bath and no UTIs. Perhaps homeopathic medicine can work with babies too? I used cantharis 30C when I was just a few weeks pregnant. Yogurt, probiotics, pure cranberry juice, and lots of water, too. I hope Tuesday gets better soon!

  5. Oh no! But how can you deprive kids of bubbles? 🙂
    Sesame Street bubble bath ( found at BabiesRUs and sometimes at Target and Fredmeyer) has the longest lasting bubbles, and we’ve had nary a problem in 8 years of kid life with all stages of kids 🙂

  6. Awwwwwwwwww. I learned that the hard way as well with my little boys. And actually, it was children’s bubble bath and still they were too sensitive. So, they were fine with out the bubbles. I hope your little one is much better now.

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