The daugther of a photographer never gets a break

Sorry baby girl, I just can’t help myself. You are too cute, and I can always use the practice.

No break-1

No break-2

No break-3

No break-4

No break-5

Don’t be afraid of letting me into your house (messy or not!). Promise I’ll find somewhere to get a good capture. I had an outdoor shoot today and I think it was my last of the year, man was it cold! I came home and had all my gear on me so I couldn’t resist shooting my little snicker-doodle too. If my mini printer hadn’t crapped out on me I’d be scrapping these tonight.

13 Replies to “The daugther of a photographer never gets a break”

  1. I’m pretty sure there have never been this cute of photos taken on a toilet before. 🙂

  2. Thanks Nora, I’m sure next time I’m at your house you’ll be sure to double lock your doors when you pee. LOL

  3. I LOVE HER! She looks so confident in these photos – excellent work!

  4. My favorite is the second photo…She is too cute!

  5. She’s adorable – especially her expression in that second one.

  6. So adorable! I love that first photo… Her eyes are sooo big!

  7. I hope the shoot turned out awesome!! These pics are great! Love the contrast!

  8. Nice. I wish my mom had photographed me eating on the toilet when I was her age. 🙂 She’s beautiful!

  9. OH MY!! Tuesday you are becoming such a grown up girl!!

  10. Could you pick a better model? I don’t think so! Amber these are amazing photos. Great shots… a bathroom, not an easy picture to take. Probably my favorites of the year.

  11. Thanks Kristen. I registered for the lighting class, so I’m sure we’ll be getting lots more tips (I used a reflector to shoot these).

  12. Tuesday is making going potty look posh. Cute cute cute!

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