It’s a girl! – Salem, Oregon newborn photographer

If you guessed girl yesterday, you were right!

Sweet little Finley Marie. Everyone thought it was a boy (that’s what everyone told me too!). Surprise! I went over to their house when Finley was only five days old. A nice reminder of why I do newborn shoots for babies 10 days or under… even at her young age she wouldn’t stay asleep! It was a lot of work (and blankets and wipes!), but we made it work.







Swoon. And more up on my facebook page.

ok. My ovaries hurt a little, I’ll admit…

Oh, and I know this probably sounds crazy, but if you want a photo shoot with your family this summer I’m booking up (personally and professionally – weekends especially!) so contact me and we’ll get you on the calendar!

6 Replies to “It’s a girl! – Salem, Oregon newborn photographer”

  1. Ugh, there’s nothing like a brand new baby. Nothing. And congrats on the upcoming busy summer!

  2. omg, that baby is making my ovaries ache. What a cutie!

    I know you took Library of Memories several years ago, by chance are you planning on taking it again this year?

  3. yep. these photos made my ovaries hurt a little too…
    you captured her beautifully! she is just darling and i adore the name they choose for her.

  4. Add me to the aching ovaries list… 🙂 Beautiful!

  5. Oh my goodness she is so adorable. It is incredible that you caught one of those elusive sleeping smiles! And BTW the mom looks incredible too! It doesn’t look like she gained a pound being pregnant! I am so glad you finally went professional, so more people can share in your incredible talent!

  6. Beautiful shots! I wish we lived closer; I would definitely book you!

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