tip toeing

Last week Donna and I decided we could handle three kids at the tulip festival (this is where Donna interjects that it was my idea). We actually did pretty well. We went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, the one we hit up every year for wonderful color during this horribly grey time of year (yes some of you have snow, but you also get sun). We lucked out to because it was partly sunny which was wonderful, and so needed.

You can’t see it here but William is saying to himself, “how fast can I get in one of these puddles?!?!”

We rode this little cow train (little teaser: I have a cow craft coming up this week, any guesses what it is?). I realized Tuesday was too big to sit with me, but she did great in her own seat.

I got to switch to the seat in front of her when William decided the ride wasn’t for him:

Tuesday was a bit more mellow about the whole thing.

It helped that I had her on a constant stream of freshly popped kettle corn. The smell of popcorn is probably one of my top five most hated smells, so you guess how far I was willing to go to bribe her.

The fields were beautiful, even though we went very late in the season. In fact they are extending the festival through the eighth if you are in the area (this is in Woodburn, Oregon).

Now I need your help with something. My neighbor has these gorgeous tulips blooming now. They are a late blooming dwarf tulip, but she doesn’t know what type is called. She didn’t get them at Wooden Shoe, and I don’t know where else to look. I must have them, I keep wanting to snip them all from her yard! I took this picture yesterday so if you have tulips that look like this right now please let me know!

So, so beautiful.

Until next year tulips!

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  1. I was anxiously awaiting these photos! What a fun filled day! PS Thanks for the bouquet!

  2. do I win a prize if I found them? type in “Princes Irene Tulips” into google images. is that them?

  3. Nice pictures! Woah Sarah – how did you do that?
    Those tulips are so pretty.

  4. Okay seriously…I really want to move to Oregon. Like EVERY post you write makes me want to move there even more!!

  5. Wow, all those tulips together are just beautiful.

  6. What gorgeous weather!! I love that picture of william! So funny!!!! It looks nice and muddy. Perfect for puddle spashing.

  7. Sarah, you are crazy awesome! Thank you, those have to be them, right down to the dark stems, they look just like us. You power Googler you.

  8. Emily, you read the thing about the doom and gloom right? It is pouring here as we speak. But ok, I still love it. Come visit!

  9. I saw these tulips when I was at Wooden Shoe weekend before last. They are called Prinses Irene, one of my favorites!

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