Tulips, again

A perennial favorite (Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival). First way back in 2006 (by the way I totally thought he was going to propose that day. And also, whoa, I’ve been blogging for 8 years?!?!). The day I took the positive pregnancy test (that turned out to be Tuesday) in 2008 (also that closet is now stairs to our second floor). The first time I took Tuesday in 2010, and the last time I went in 2011. Oh time you crazy thing.

Two girls.

It was super sunny today and we loved it.

This is pre fall in the mud puddle.

This is post fall in the mud puddle. Bj was showing her a funny way to walk to try and coax her back up through the fields. He’s so great… his powers were not quite great enough for me to get a picture of Bennet in her Nana made dress in front of the flowers. But he did try to get her all smiley.

Hahaha, she’s such a crazy happy little thing.

Family photo! We’re thinking about getting those Queen of Night tulips (left side, dark purple) to mix with our other purple tulips in front of the picket fence. But I’m debating, they might be too dark… thoughts?
I’ll leave you with this:

Tuesday happy as can be just playing on this tube slide over and over. We were at the festival over an hour before she agreed to go walk among the flowers!

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  1. the dark purple tulips are lovely! Such a cute picture 🙂
    In all of my years of being an Oregonian (32 eek) I’ve never been to see the tulips :-/ Maybe some day. Like next year???

  2. You really do have the cutest little family!! I would absolutely love the tulip festival, they are so beautiful…wish I lived closer! Tuesday’s yellow sweater is so sweet on her! You have two precious little girls!

  3. Beautiful photos, Amber! Here in Northern CA, we have Daffodil Hill, but I have yet to make it out there. There’s about a 2-week window to see the flowers in bloom. Maybe next year! I do love the deep purple tulips!

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