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Whenever I go to a bookstore I am always checking the clearance shelves for cheap books.  Tuesday loves book as much as I do and new ones (to her) are a special treat. I tend towards classics, beautifully illustrated books, and lovely prose. But I made an exception lately and got a book that makes noise.

Yes, yes, but I think it is a good exception to my no battery rule. This book was on clearance at Borders for $7.99 and I think the illustrations are great. What’s more when you pair a bird number to the speaker you get to hear just what it sounds like.

Tuesday is a big fan. I like it too and it got me thinking that we should start talking more about birds and checking out their features. So I picked up a few more bird books in the clearance section.

The Birding Essentials was only $1.99, a good companion to the song book I thought. And the coloring book was also inexpensive. It has simple illustrations with more information about various birds in North America.

And a coloring guide.

After Tuesday and I enjoyed the books for a few days the thought of winter holidays crept into my head and I decided to go back for a few more sets. My idea is to have some presents ready to go way before the holidays (or birthdays). We’ll see how well I do (I want to give these gifts to the intended recipients now!). I’ve made up little gift bags since I’m trying to stop using throw away wrapping.

I used a friend from quilt guild’s tutorial (you can find it here). It’s actually a reversible bag, with a nice enclosure for the cord.

I am super in love with the new cord my mom has in the shop (here it is). I love the bright colors, she even has neon! I found cord stops at the fabric store and it finishes them off nicely. I think these will be great for “wrapping” and for the kids to carry their book out in the yard or to a window to bird watch themselves.

I hope to update more regularly this week, but I still can’t seem to shake this darn cold! And when I went rummaging for medicine I realized just how long it’s been since I’ve been able to use the “good” stuff… everything was expired. Here’s hoping I don’t keep Bj up coughing another night!

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  1. Good idea. Although, not all battery operated toys are bad. Yes, some can be annoying, but Donovan has this one pop-up ball toy my mom bought him that he loves. The music it plays is his favorite part!

  2. thanks for the link to the bags – those are awesome. i’ll have to order some cording and make a few!

  3. So funny. Miri was at her Great Grandparent’s house this weekend and they had the “Bird Songs Bible” and she played with it for a really long time! I was thinking of getting her one…your book looks a little cooler though, bigger illustrations! 🙂

  4. Super cute!

  5. My daughter loves birds too. I need to get to Borders soon. Such cute books.

  6. I love the illustrations and cover of the Bird Songs book. Looks very vintage; I thought you were going to say you got it while thrifting! The bags are cute too. I just started sewing and it looks like a project I can actually do!

  7. This is awesome! Definitely a time to break the no-battery rule. I love that and we have “a version” of it in our home, which, just like our no-glowing-box rule, gets more ammendments added as my boys get older. These birds are beautiful. And the bags are inspiring me as I think of teacher gifts — perfect size for a summer fun-on-the-run bag.

  8. You are definitely one step ahead of me when it comes to planning! The bags are such an awesome idea and I saw a big surge in spindle cord sales! Thank you!
    PS The little fingers are adorable!

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