Lately from the Library (Tuesday’s books)


Beady Bear


Hansel and Gretel

Meow Said the Cow

I read Signs

The Amazing Adventures of Bumblebee Boy (Tuesday to the librarian: “I want a book with an alien in it)

City Signs

Signs in our World

Annie Hoot and the Knitting Extravaganza

Llama Llama Misses Mama

Shoebox Sam

Hen Lake

We GO! Cars

Llama Llama Home with Mama

Nuts to You!

Top Cat

If I Built a Car (we’ve checked this one out a couple times she loves it)

The Magic Fan

And if the Moon Could Talk



Maisy Big, Maisy Small


The Red Hen

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf


I’m blogging with minimal words this February. I’d love to see snippets of your life in photos too, please leave me a link in the comments.

5 Replies to “Lately from the Library (Tuesday’s books)”

  1. A link to every book! You over achiever. Glad to see we are not the only ones with a library addiction. We did a bookmobile activity today (see tomorrow’s blog post for more details) it was so much fun. I think we need to find out where the bookmobile travels, if CCRLS has one? The kids would love it!

  2. What a nice selection of books! We spent the afternoon at the library yesterday!

  3. Wow! That’s a lot of books!

  4. I knew someone would ask about one :). The bookmobile! Yes, that would be fun. I am totally addicted to putting things on hold via the CCRS app! SO handy.

  5. I will be using the CCRS app to search for some of these books, so thanks for posting them all!

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