A partial year of Project Life

I have been diving back into Project Life. I love recording memories like this, even though I don’t prioritize keeping it up to date right now. I like to work on it in batches, at least a few weeks at a time. That coupled with my little trick for getting the layouts to take up less space on my desk help me get at least some layouts done. And I use a great app for my iPhone called Momento, which aggregates all of my social media feeds (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, blogs, I even add Bj’s feeds to it) and allows me to add “moments” to my days where I can record more thoughts, quotes about the girls, or anything else I want to remember. Then when I go back to scrapbook the week I pull it up and it’s a great reminder of what we did (I also open up my calendar and Lightroom to show me the photos from the week).

As far as 2014 goes, I am “up to date” through April. Then I started back up for October to present. This directly corresponds with my time spent inside! During the spring and summer I just found I was outside too much to work on this. BUT I don’t worry about that. My family loves to look at whatever I get done. I remembered I took this video of the spreads I got done for 2013 and thought you might like to take a look. Don’t worry about getting everything done. I’m 100% sure you will be happy with even one week recorded like this.

Project Life 2013 from Amber Garrison on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi! I first heard of project life through you. I found a big kit for $5 today and figured it was a sign. I have since ordered some pages and a binder on Amazon and can’t wait. Then I downloaded the app and started making pages on there. (Which you can print) I’m guessing you may like the physical process of making pages but I am mostly in it for the end result. When you started maybe they didn’t have the app yet. Not sure which I will like more – hope it doesn’t look funny to have a mixture of pages. Anyhow, thanks for turning me on to this! Loved your holiday card! Xoxo

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