Odd things on the road

Bj and I drove back from the tri-cities today in the afternoon. Instead of pouring rain we got… extreme wind!!!  Yeah!!!  And when you are in a desert environment that means tumbleweed, cool. We were driving into the sun for a while. Bj was fine with that though, after he found these:

They used to be my mom’s and they have been in the Acura as a back up for 15 years, so they are quite “classic.” Before Hood River it started getting rainy instead of just windy. I did manage to get this picture of some gigantic tires, what are these for?

Bj says giant dump truck, Sciarrino says one of those big rigs that runs over smaller cars, and I say, “those are tires, damn.”  At the end of interstate 84 Bj asked my favorite question, “205 or do you want to go through the city?” My mom always asks me that when she picks me up from the airport. I’ve actually never said 205, I love going through the city so much. I love going over the bridges, and Portland is so pretty at night, even though it was pouring, so of course I said, “Through the city!” Just as we were getting through Bj asked if I really liked, “living in a water park year round.” Referring to the rain, rain, and more rain. And I really do. I’ve thought about it before. We didn’t get much rain this winter, actually a really low amount for us, and I missed it! I love nice rainy days. We got off I-5 at Salem to take the paper in for my mom. I’ve been passing this billboard for a while, and finally had the camera and was a passenger:

Bj says, “Ya, so it’s looks like they are just fixing it up or something.” “Those don’t look like two big tire tracks and you don’t think that rock was kicked out when the rig backed up?” “Well ya, that’s tire tracks, but they’re just fixing it up.” What do you think?  I think there is a big rig out there with rocks and dirt in the grill. Okay so the final question I’ll pose for the night: “What are these character’s names? I’m specifically interested in the purple one.
And do you remember the old McDonald’s play grounds? Man, I hadn’t had these cookies for a long time, and they brought back some memories. Oh, one final funny thing from Bj (regarding submitting layouts and stuff):
“Honey, you need to get your stuff out there.
Do you think they are just going to call you out of the blue?”
“well, no”
“Amber, do you have any layouts, we just picked you at random”
Bj in a high squeaky voice: “Hey I do.”
“Okay send us one layouts and we’ll send you $12,000 and a new car.”
LOL he’s right, I’ve got to start submitting!

3 replies on “Odd things on the road”

  1. Dude… I love reading your blog,it’s so funny. o.k. maybe not all the time but the whole thing about submitting was really funny. It made me laugh and I totally needed that today.So thanx 🙂
    Your fellow 2pea,

  2. I have NO idea if you will get such an old comment, but the name to the purple guy just came to me like a blitz: Grimmace. (might be spelled wrong)
    cheers! amber

  3. And hang on, me again. a little research and the names just come flying back: Birdie is the gal with the pigtails, and Hamburglar is the robber-guy (he used to steal hamburgers, ha ha, get it? Hamburglar?). So. that coming from a gal who wasn’t allowed McD’s as a kid!

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