The world upside down

I hope everyone had a great Easter. Bj and I were up here in the Tri-Cities, Washington area with his parents. We pretty much just relaxed up here. I got my hair highlighted just a little in the morning, it makes me look a little perkier. Last night we rented The Incredibles and I finally got to see what everyone was talking about! It was so good. And if you haven’t rented it on DVD you should because there is a new short film added to it, Jack Jack Attack, that is really funny. Other than that we just hung around. These pictures are of Bj and I on his parent’s inversion table, that thing cracks me up! It is really relaxing though!

One reply on “The world upside down”

  1. Tuna?! Grilled tuna and cheese—I want one. I think it’s weird that some people make tuna sandwitches without mayo. Costco has the best price on tuna—WinCo comes in second. The ratio of tuna to mayo is an art.
    Today I found out that Amber visited the Memorial Union and didn’t come to visit MU204—offence has been taken. =(
    When the heck will Smallville be new! What if the entire cast of a show was killed—what would the network do? I wonder…

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