The Skittles Crew

Ah the skittles crew. I’ve been thinking about crew since Kush asked me to come cox yesterday. I didn’t because I had a million things to get done (hence the no posting), but I had crew on the brain. I decided to get out some pictures from last year and do a fun layout. I’ve been doing so much for eBay that I haven’t done much for me. Now that all the Honorable Mention calls have gone out for Hall of Fame, and I didn’t get one, I feel a kind of presure lifted off me. I don’t have to worry about how anyone thinks about how I scrapbook because I’m just me. Well, I don’t know if that made much sense, but I’m some how at ease about the whole thing. I also did do an album for eBay. I really like making things and not having to worry about what is going to go in there. I won’t be posting it tonight though, Bj always does that for me. I kind of wish I knew how to do all of that kind of stuff myself. Bj had to help me use his majorly confusing printer, our internet connection, posting things, html, you get the picture. Well that’s what happens when you know how to do all of those things, everyone wants you to help them. ๐Ÿ™‚
So I just got the coolest pictures out my window, the sky is going from an amazing pink/fushia to a deep purple. I only managed to get two before the batteries ran out, enjoy!

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  1. I clicked on someone’s blog at 2Peas then got sucked in and eventually stumbled onto yours… I had to leave you a comment to let you know I think your Skittles Crew layout is one of THE COOLEST layouts I’ve ever seen!!! I can’t seem to “work” that new KI and girl, you are ROCKIN’ it!!! WOW! If that layout is an example of your work — surely someday you’re gonna get a call from Lisa B!

  2. Amber, your website could not be more perfect in representing you and your wonderful ideas! I miss hanging out with you, but from what I can see you are doing very well for yourself. I love the Skittles layout, and I hope to see more on here soon!

  3. You logged on to my blog thru 2 Peas and commented on the KI Paper I had posted on there. Your Skittles layout is great. I love all the colors and I am glad to see that you made this paper work for you. I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet. I am definatly going to add your blog to my list.

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