1897 is when some clerk started this ledger for his business. I don’t know why. I think it might be for personal records or a small business. He bought eggs, milk, oil, and paid five dollars rent for his house. I just love this thing. I got it off eBay a month or so ago. It is fourteen inches tall, nine inches wide and an inch and a half tall. I’ve had an affection for these kinds of things since I saw one my professor Julie Green had altered to be an art journal. I finally found one I really wanted on eBay then I had to spend a whole month just looking at all the old writing and ink stains before I could do anything to it. I think I am ready now. I just read this entry on Ali’s Blog about signing up for an online class on art journals with promps and things. It’s not really my style to follow any kind of direction but I did like the idea of finally starting on my journal. I might use the stamps I got on eBay as well. They are old sign making stamps. Gosh I love eBay. Well I think I will have to be getting to work soon. Bj’s slightly catatonic right now after staying up until 6:45 am working on the footer for the new site. But he seems to be coming around:

Why does he always pick the small couch? At 6’4″ this is a mystery to me.

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  1. Yo, send me that like to the “great design” blog. =) I’m craving corn chowder and corn bread. 😉

  2. As usual I love your blog…I am so going to put you on my list of people I read daily. I love your sketches and your funny stories. My husband always picks the small couch too. I think it has something to do with the angle in which they see the TV and the proximity to where they can set their empty food trays.

  3. josh always picks the smallest spot possible and then tries to stretch out…what is it with our tall boys? 🙂

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