There’s no Limit

Last night I was watching an episode of Smallville in real time (gasp!) and there was this Mentos commercial on there that killed me. It was so weird and funny, basically the kind of thing that gets me on a roll. It starts out with little birds in a nest and the momma bird feeds the little bird a Mentos and then they start chirping this song. Well then all these other birds chime in and you hear a parrot say "there’s no limit," I don’t think this commercial has anything to do with Mentos but whatever. I rewound it and watched it until Bj threatened to take the TiVo remote away from me (nooooo!). So I can’t find a down loadable version of the commercial, however I did find out the song is "No Limit" by 2 Unlimited. And you can bet I am going to get that today! If I figure out how to get the commercial off of my TiVo and on here I’ll post it (but it’s not looking good since TiVo to Go isn’t available for OS X yet).

And in other TV related news my brother’s super smart friend is going to be on Judge Judy for beating up a car with his bear hands! You heard me right people. The car he beat up was, unfortunately for him, a football player’s so that guy beat his face. This has to be up there with my cousin’s then boyfriend who got mentioned on David Letterman for getting an antenna crammed up his nose while working on his car. Ya, I don’t really have much else to say.

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