Baby clothes are just the cutest little things ever!  I love the soft baby only type clothes, but I also love these mini human clothes. That little outfit is for a friend who is due in less then a month. I just love this shirt. It so looks like something Bj would wear, but so so tiny. In the store I held it up to Bj and was just like, awww Bj, isn’t this the cutest? Then he pointed out that we had been in Target for like two hours and were going to be late to our movie. See Sciarrino, Bj and I all headed into Salem yesterday for a day of shopping. Actually we dropped Bj off to work for a bit while Sciarrino and I went to the cute little shops that he wouldn’t really be interested in. We checked out the Paper Zone before heading down town. We had lunch at the Arbor Cafe. I absolutely love their turkey paninis with pickled onions, yum! After that we went to Exit where I got a really cute skirt. I also saw this Paul Frank Barbie which was so cool, and on sale, but I didn’t get because I didn’t need it, yay me. We went into the mall and wandered a bit after we got drinks at Orange Julius. I got a top that is longer so I can wear it with my low rise jeans and it covers all my wobbly bits. It’s really cute, but the girls at the shop were really annoying. They have to be at least seven years younger than me and they called me "Hun." What? And then they said everything was "awesome." "Are you going to get that top?" "yes" "Okay, awesome I can ring you up over here Hun." Ugh. I mean, I like saying something is awesome, WHEN IT ACTUALLY IS,  not just because you don’t know what else to say. Made me feel really old though getting annoyed over that. So we left the mall and headed down to State Street where all the cool shops are now. Cooke’s Stationary is an old school office supply shop. I got dymo refills and ink for my fountain pen in fuchsia and turquoise. Across the street is Ma Valise, a little boutique. In the picture above there are little metal tokens and I got those there. Next door to that is the Arbor. It used to be attached to the cafe that we had lunch at but it recently moved. I got those neat chalk stone letters there (far left of picture), and a little button that has a monkey and underneath it says "business."  hehehe cracked me up.

Sciarrino and I picked up Bj, head to Lancaster (yuck, I know) (oh, but maybe some of you don’t. It’s a street in Salem that is like one gigantic strip mall) and went to Target. In addition to the little human outfit (oh and I also got him foot finders Kay!) I got two pairs of really cute heels, two skirts and another longer top. Phew, that was the most shopping I’d done in a long time all in one day! Then we went to A Lot Like Love. It was better than the preview, as it wasn’t quite so predicable. Very cute. After the movie I really wanted to have a go on the Dance Dance Mats  (omg, looking for that link, I found this: Dance Dance Revelation hahahaha), but no one else would participate in the public humiliation (though they were both willing to give me quarters to do it). So we headed to Mom’s. I guess my mom did not see the humor in the music I loaded onto her new iPod mini. I just mixed in a few newer songs, she needs more "old fogy" music on there (HER words, not mine). But I just have to say, the hassle of putting all new music on there is worth it just to know she is going to come across 50 cent’s In da Club before I get the chance, LOLOLOL! I can just see her running along. OH man. Sorry Mom. 🙂 I love you!!

Today wasn’t nearly as exciting, mostly just working all day. Trying to get the colors right on the web store, and realizing that I am really really picky so it is taking forever. Bj cooked dinner and I made Julia’s famous cookies. It poured all day today so it smells really good outside. 🙂

Jessi commented that she thinks it’s cool that my parent’s comment, hey so do I! Dad I am totally taking you up on that offer to see Paul! But I love it when anyone comments, so go right ahead.

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