Just a Plain old Happy Day

Today just seems to be filled with sunshine and happiness. Yuck, I kind of sound like a greeting card, but if you can get past that, read on… Today I woke up before my alarm to birds chirping (and a little bit of the highway traffic noise) because I slept with my window open for the first time this spring. If there is any chance of rain I can’t do that because it comes pouring onto my window seat. And then it was sunny this morning, Sciarrino mentioned it was going to rain this afternoon, but guess what, it’s still hasn’t and it’s after five!!!  Then this morning I got a ridiculous amount of stuff done. I ran errands with my iPod and listened to my music really loud. And I know I already wrote a

My desk, has anyone ever seen it this clean!!! The best part of this is that I worked all day and now have time to create a little. I have a feeling I will be very productive tonight.
beautiful. As is this:


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  1. The real jar with ribbons: REALLY COOL! The clean desk: FABULOUS! The fact that you ran with your IPOD and listened to your music really loud… I believe it! You know all the times you’ve been in the car with your Mom and you changed the station cause you didn’t like her music… she did! But she tolerated yours!
    You are the best… but you still need to load the IPod with music your Mom likes:)! She simply doesn’t have time to do it herself…
    Lots of Love

  2. WOW! I am really excited for you, a few things 1. your desk is clean 🙂 not that I ever saw it messy. But Yeah for you!!!
    2. That you are starting your own company. That Rocks!!! I am slowly trying to get mine on it’s way. p.s. I love the drawing of the ribbon jar logo.
    And umm.. thats it.
    O.k. so… be cool!

  3. you ordered from stranodesigns, didn’t you?! I recognize some of that ribbon! I ordered some last week and hope it comes sooooon! 😉
    love your desk, wish someone would come clean mine off! 😉

  4. Amber, I do not Know if I have ever seen your that clean SUPER.You should come to salem and clean Bob’s.On a different note I heard that Paul Mcartney was coming back to Portland. I would like to go with you.Can you see about tickets I will buy.Call me love DAD

  5. I love your colors! I am inspired to clean my office tomorrow…I also love that your parents comment. I am going to put you on my list of blogs that I love…Your art is very motivating…I want to go do more art even though it is passed my bed-time.

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