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I called my dad earlier this week to ask him if he would help me build a rack for all the ribbon that is showing up at my office. He said, "Actually I wanted to ask you if you would help me build something." Me: "Okay… what?" "A tractor out of cans." Oh right, why didn’t I think of that?  Well I did help and the above is proof of our efforts (I actually did little compared to the rest of the people who were there from LCG Pence). Anyways I helped him and then he helped me with the ribbon rack. I spent the rest of the day working on this project for the Ribbon Jar. It was such an awesome idea, I’m just finding out it will take lots of work, but hey, I’m up for a challenge! Driving this morning was so gross. Yesterday on the way to Salem there were tons of wrecks, not today. Today we had what I like to think of as the hard core Oregon drivers. Now normally I don’t comment on the rain, because what’s the point, we have it all the time, boring. This morning it was pretty bad though. Surprisingly this brings out good drivers in Oregon. Especially on Saturdays when it’s mostly just people who are driving because they want to get somewhere not because they have to get somewhere (like work). These hard core drivers like to prove that they no how to drive in the rain so, no one slows down and no one looses control. I have to say everyone is very nice on the road when it rains, I do not find this to be the case in all parts of the country. I’ve been places where rain is not normal, and it’s raining, and people are acting like it’s the end of the world. I find that very annoying. On my way home it was absolutely beautiful, sunny, and green, green, green. Compare:

ew this is the morning, that cloud was like, way darker in real life.
Isn’t that pretty? I think so. I don’t want you to think I don’t like the rain, because baby I do!

Okay and I came home, walked up to my room and saw this:

Look my little snowman has a tulip!  There was a whole bunch on my desk, but I thought this was just the cutest. Bj always puts my little guys like that when he makes my bed. I’ve been wanting flowers forever, thanks sweetie!

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  1. Amber, Thanks for the help with the canstruction project. Have you put up the ribbon rack yet? When you get it done e-mail me a picture. Love Dad

  2. were you born in oregon? I no longer hate the rain, but i would never say I love it. I prefer the sun, blue skies…I like to smell the rain before it comes and feel the world fresh after it is gone. you don’t get that in Seattle. it always feels kind of damp and mildewy. hmph. not that this part of Germany is much better! but I’m a sunbaby at heart! 😉

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