My girls finally have a Ken

I don’t know how this happened. I have five barbies, and not from my childhood! But seriously I can’t help it. I mean toys are so cheap (compared to adult toys like the PSP). Oh and then I just get stuck on one and I want it so bad. And I just start thinking, hey I’m adult, I can buy what I want and I get one! Ah well, they make me happy. So from left to right. Ken, just got him today. He’s go blond movable hair (my Ken didn’t have that when I was Little), that feels like it has been hair sprayed to death. Bj says his shirt is lame and wanted me to get a Blaine, but I like this guy’s shorts. Then I have my Elle from Legally Blond 2. Bj got this one for me after I saw it online with the little dog, I was freaking out. Then there is the pregnant Midge. I was almost crying at Toys R’ Us when I first saw this doll. The very pregnant Midge is wearing platforms and as soon as her baby and stomach are removed (they are held on by magnet) she is like way too skinny. But the best part? On the back of the box it talked about how Barbie was her baby doctor, and that Ken was at the park with their three year old while she was giving birth. You can even get the Ken and son with a kite! LOL Nice things to teach boys, huh? Then we have another one from today, Lea. She is scented, I kid you not. She smells like sunscreen and the beach, it’s awesome. And her feet are not ever going to be shoved into too high of heals, even her toenails are painted! My favorite is my Malibu Barbie. This is a remake of the old school Malibu (the difference? This one comes with sunscreen). This was my varsity 4’s little sun goddess. We brought her in the boat for good weather luck (love the rain in Oregon, but not when I am laying down in the bow of a boat!). And isn’t her outfit awesome? That was in my stocking last year, a little hand knit Parisian number. You go Malibu!

Okay so I don’t know why all the Barbies but I love changing their outfits. It’s weird because when I was little I liked my American Girl Doll Kirsten the best. Even in the little doll category Ginny Dolls where my favorite. They are these adorable little chubby girl dolls and they have the best fashion. I kind of just went crazy today and put a bunch of their cute clothes on my wish list on Amazon, so you can check out how cute they are. Speaking of cute, I snapped these of Bj today, I just love that guy:

Again with the camera?  Why yes, I just can’t help myself.

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  1. I am basically dying over the barbies. I had no idea there was a preggo barbie! and look how skinny she is WITH the big belly! HA! HA! HA! but I LOVE that beach barbie’s feet! our cat used to chew Ken’s feet, if she’d seen that barbie, she’d have gone to town..!

  2. Way to funny…. Definitly gave me a laugh for the day… Of course I’m not sure if it was the Barbies or the spelling. I mean did you get that Barbie outfit in your “stalking”? Didn’t your mother teach you how to spell? OK Sorry just had to tease a bit! You know I love you!
    Hugs, Mom

  3. Ha Mom, the jokes on you because I can go back and edit my posts! And it’s so not my fault anyway because it sounds kinf of like stalking, and stocking has like, 20 different definitions. Ah well, I’ll get the English language down someday!

  4. Ha ha ha! That is great. I love your Barbies and your descriptions/explanations of each. Hee hee, I have a little girl and get her Barbies and then fawn over all the pretty clothes when she’s not looking….

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