Eye in the Sky

Okay so Liesel gets a special place in my heart for giving me this google map link. I have played around with Keyhole on PCs, but didn’t know I could do this map thing on my mac, YEAH!!!!!  And yes, she is right, you totally can see my townhouse: so cool and a little creepy! Please everyone read Brave New World and make sure this kind of stuff doesn’t take over. 🙂 But really it is a good book (and WHO has my copy, own up!!). And for one more link: My eBay Stuff!  Five cute little albums and a big lot of stuff I had to clear out. After I got back from the last convention I couldn’t put everything away so I had to do a major clean. Hey, it’s only at a penny so bid away (of course the shipping on 35 pounds kind of sucks, but whatever). Now get ready for my next post, because you know what tomorrow is (oh, if you don’t it’s Wednesday).
P.S. I miss you too Katie!

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  1. me and my roomie erin were looking at your stuff on ebay- you are amazing and talented (and also quite fun).

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