Free Association Wednesday


I let Bj pick the word today, that’s what happens if you are lucky enough to be around me late Tuesday night! So this is my plea for comments in a fun way. Maybe I will stop having to say COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT later because everyone will look forward to these wild Wednesdays. Well I hope so, but for now let’s go over the rules again. You just write down the first thing that comes to mind when you read this word. Just a note: it does not have to be related to the word. Like today, it could be the name of the kid that sat next to you in grade school lunch or something, I really don’t mind. But my readership is up, so come on people, COMMENT!


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  1. Tuna makes me think of roadtrips…my friend Megan and I eat them almost everyday when traveling. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated, you just add a mustard and mayo packet, stir it in the can, put it on bread and you’ve got a fresh sandwich.

  2. Tuna?! Grilled tuna and cheese—I want one. I think it’s weird that some people make tuna sandwitches without mayo. Costco has the best price on tuna—WinCo comes in second. The ratio of tuna to mayo is an art.
    Today I found out that Amber visited the Memorial Union and didn’t come to visit MU204—offence has been taken. =(
    When the heck will Smallville be new! What if the entire cast of a show was killed—what would the network do? I wonder…

  3. its tonno in italian and i didnt know that so when I made a lunch consisting of chicken and pasta with tonno sauce it tasted awful…

  4. tuna makes me think of my freshman year when i made easy mac and stirred tuna in it…so yummy but not too popular with the frosh roomie, oh well she was a skank anyways.

  5. Tuna sandwiches my Dad use to make many years ago, Tuna, mayonnaise and pickles. That is the only sandwich he would make.

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