What about that red car?

So, there has been this red car sitting in the parking lot outside our townhouses for a good while now (months). Our parking lot is set up with little alcoves that only two cars can park in at the front of each person’s "property." This car is parked really annoyingly right in the middle of one of those alcoves. I kept just thinking it was someone who lived there kind of like, reserving the spots, or whatever. Then earlier this week my neighbor walked down and asked us if we knew whose it was. I was like, "oh, it’s not yours?" No, and it wasn’t anybody Else’s either. So he was trying to figure it out. It had a Greek house’s sticker on it, and OSU stuff too. Sciarrino’s guess was that someone just got drunk and forgot where they parked (I’d bet that’s pretty common), but I was afraid like the person had been abducted or something, especially since Brooke disappeared around here. Today coming back from errands I see two guys standing by the car. So I walk over there, and it turns out the clutch went out on the car so they just left it. I think that is so weird, it’s a decent car, not old or anything. Well maybe the lot isn’t the best place for red cars. Proof from the ice storm last year below:

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  1. What about contacting the Geek House the car is accociated with—It has a house sticker on the back window. ???

  2. So, did they never find that missing girl at all? I scanned through the link you posted, it’s awful.

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