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Comment on the first thing that comes into your head when you see this word, for more help see the first free association Wednesday.


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  1. I remember the bars on the play ground when I was younger—they were about 3″ in diameter and 4′ from the ground—us girls used to strattle them and wip ourselves around and see who could do the most 360s in a row. The fricken bar always destroyed our legs—yes we did it even with shorts on. I wonder if I can still do them…(probably, maybe I should try at that “work-out” place where we caught Laura and Corley making out that day. =)
    Hope your day is going well!

  2. “Boy you turn me, inside out, and, round and round. Upside down, boy you turn me, inside out, and, round and round.” (Repeat until funny)

  3. handstand contests during recess- the horrible thing is- once i’m winning the handstand contests, then someone decides we should be walking with our hands while handstanding, and frankly, eight year old katie just couldn’t bring her “a” game for that craziness.

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