I have ink all over my hands today from drawing more sketches for the Ribbon Jar. I did a bunch and then we got them all in the computer and now I don’t like how they look at all. AHHHHH! But that is how art and design works if it was easy no one would ever center type, am I right people? That is pretty much all I did today besides scare the crap out of Bj. I am always looking for opportunities to do this and today when he went to check the mail I could not resist. I hid behind this little counter thing that sticks out of the kitchen and kind of makes a walkway. As soon as I heard him step through the door I popped up and screamed. He screamed and said, "If I was a girl I would so punch you in the stomach right now." This scaring people thing never gets old for me. I used to wait outside the bathroom for my brother almost every time he went in! Ha ha I’m cracking up now thinking of that. Well off to watch the Amazing Race even though Lynn and Alex were kicked off last week -boo hoo!

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  1. Is that your ribbon rack above your head? VERY cool. I’d love one of those, but all the ribbon I have is not on spools. so a rack like that wouldn’t do me much good! 😉

  2. Good Morning…
    Looking forward to seeing the new sketches. Artists are never satisfied with their work until it is right! That’s what makes them artist… all the rest of us think our stuff is just fine.
    Can’t wait to order some ribbon!

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