Pointless Driving…

Today I drove to Salem for a dentist appointment, got up early, got all cute and was ten minuets early! Yeah! I was like, "hey, I’m here for my appointment, blah, blah, blah." And the lady is all, "your appointment was at 8:40 and you missed it." I knew I did not make an appointment that early since I have to drive an hour to get there, so I get out my planner and the card they sent me:

I said, "Well here is the card you sent me and someone called me last week to check with me that I was still coming and I wrote it in my planner right here." She looks at it, then me. "Oh I’m so sorry about that." silence. "Well can I see the dentist now?" "Let me go check." (see goes and checks) "no, sorry." "Well should I make another appointment?" "We don’t have anything available for quite a while, I’m sorry." What the!!! God!!!! "Well can I please be placed on some kind of waiting list?" "oh, yes I can do that." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. So I left, very annoyed but determined not to be all bitchy, because that doesn’t solve anything, right? So I flipped to a peppy playlist on my iPod and cranked it up. Then I get on the freeway and the whole construction section a huge semi was riding my rear. Ugh. I mean I’m not exactly a granny so it’s not like I’m going slow. Geez. So then I get home.

Bj and I decide that we are going to try and make the huge ribbon rack a little better. So we decide to drive to Home Depot in Albany (or actually he decided because he said that our little local hardware/lumber yard wouldn’t have what we needed). So we got there and they didn’t have any of the stuff we needed. So then I got all pissy and just played Lumines the whole trip back to Corvallis with out looking up. Then we get to the little local place and they have everything and are super nice and quick. We get everything back practically kill ourselves trying to make this thing. But I have to say now it is up and really cool looking (pictures to come later).

My brother came over after that and the three of us headed out to gelato. And of course when the boys get together and I’m there they have to make fun of me (which I don’t mind too much because it is pretty funny). The gelato comes in these little containers and Brent’s all "I should save these." Then Bj’s all (in a high voice) "Oh yes, we should plant little flowers in here." Brent (in an even higher voice), "No way, I am totally sorting all my beads into these." LOL those boys know me too well.

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  1. Ah man! that sucks with the dentist! I can’t believe they didn’T fit you in after making a mistake! When I did that at my last doc’s apt., *I* was the one wrong. I had a card too, and it said I was supposed to come in on Wed, and me and my idiocy showed up on Tues. HOWever, they were fabulous, nice, wonderful and squeezed me in! Which is strange and unusual in Germany – at least I think it is! 😉
    can’t wait to see your ribbon rack!

  2. brent and beejers are way too funny- they definitely have you pegged. and how ridiculous was it that you were so way cute and ready for the dentist (and early- no small miracle in I-5 traffic) and then they are so mean to your teeth even after you had the obvious appt. card. come on- seriously.

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