Blank Canvas(es)

Img_0422So my computer had to get wiped clean. Which took for freaking ever. Luckily I have a boy genius for a boyfriend and he managed to install OS X on his iPod (!!!) and restart my computer on that then hack into the hard drive and grab all my info (thank God!). After he got everything though we had to start from scratch. While things were downloading and installing Bj got good at his PSP and I cleaned my room. Now I have a blah desktop and all my settings have been reset, but that can be fixed. The good news is the computer runs as fast as the day I got it, which is smokin! I also got the box of blank Elmer journals. I covered one already (I’ll scan it in and post it below). I think this is Elmer journal number 12 or 13. It’s been a while since I’ve really collaged anything (I used to do this to ever single thing I owned in high school). I got to know my contact paper again. I also got some awesome ribbon catalogs and swatch cards that make me want to drool. Well hopefully tomorrow will go a lot more smoothly!

This is the back. I used a postcard from this Nick Bantock set. I have so so many postcards but I love some of them so much I find them hard to send, this is something I’m working to overcome. The little alp definition thing is from my graduation announcements. They were designed by Sciarrino to look like slang flashcards from Knock Knock. This is the back of the "alp" one (there was also "osu" and "grad"). I used a tiny smidgen of Making Memories paper. The back of an old postcard I bought from an antiques store because of the ridiculous small writing. The sticker from my Juicy Couture bag, and a die cute thingie from Autumn Leaves.

I like these new journals. I was a little weary that they changed them a bit, but I checked and it doesn’t look like the pages are too perforated so they probably won’t just tear out on accident. And the little manila pocket in the front is pretty awesome. Plus they are they same size and the paper inside is exactly the same, so I really can’t complain. Hope you’re all being crafty. Oh speaking of that on Attack of the Show they had those paper things like Kay sent me (see this post). Only they were totally insane and took like 80 hours to put together. Check this out. The motorcycle takes like 200 hours to build or something. Look if anyone makes one of these you must email me so I can see it, I mean, I was proud of my Miffy!

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