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Happy Mother’s Day moms!  This morning Brent and I drove to Salem to hang out with my mom and grandma. We had a really good brunch at The Wild Pear yum, yum, yum. Of course we had some good conversations, as is our custom 🙂 We talked about a bunch of stuff but one thing that came up was the Oprah show coming up on Monday. I saw the preview, as did my mom and grandma, that said that her and Steadman have a daughter. Well there is barking in the background people and I am sure they are talking about a dog. My grandma "knows" that she really does have a daughter (i.e. tiny human, not tiny canine) so she decided to make a wager on it with me. So if I loose I have to trim my grandma’s grass with scissors (just like she does), and if I win (which I will) I get one of her little Buddha statues (score!!). It was hard to pick just one thing I wanted since my grandma has the coolest stuff ever, but I decided on something little since I pretty much KNOW I am going to win! Anyway we got home, it was starting to rain, and took pictures:

(we’re laughing so hard because Bill just said, "Ya, and I’ll get one all by myself later over here")

No worries Bill:

After grandma left I took a long swim in the rain! It was so nice. My mom came out and did some movement studies on me while I swam. She took a ton of pictures, so a nice leisurely swim turned into a little bit of a work out, but it’s alright I needed it! Brent and I are here now. I am going to get creative! (results to follow)

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  1. My kids make me so happy! I keep thinking Mother’s day can’t get any better… but then THIS one was even better than the year before! I Love you guys!

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