Free Association Wednesday


Ah, I almost forgot! Comment on the first thing that comes into your head. For more help see the first free association Wednesday.


6 Replies to “Free Association Wednesday”

  1. Perfectly distressed garden ornaments.

  2. BJ Garrison says: Reply

    The Ice Machine on sale at the Auction today. It had some serious rust! Yup Brent knows Yup what I am talking Yup about. Sold!

  3. I love being original, but garden ornaments was my first thought too:)!
    Love Mom

  4. settelmeyer says: Reply

    getting a tetanus shot after getting caught in the toe by a rusty fish hook. eeeeewwwww….

  5. Aaah, a Rusty Nail: 1 2/2 Oz Scotch, 1/2 Oz Drambuie, Twist of Lemon Peel – mmmmmmmmm

  6. Salad Fingers….don’t know who I’m talking about? Google him.
    I like it when the red water comes out…

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