They say it’s your birthday…

Well it’s August 21st and you know what that means… It’s Brent’s Birthday. My annoying awesome little brother is 23. August 21st also means something else to me… It’s nine days until my birthday!  Now before you go buying me things I don’t need. I have decided something. I am only going to be 25 and I still have a good 75% of my life left. That’s a long time people. I don’t want to waste all that time being mired down with possessions. And anyone who knows me knows that I have enough stuff already. So in lew of presents I wish for experiences or information.

For example:
Boating, camping, taking a stroll with me, meeting someone cool you know, go on a bike ride, have a great dinner together, taking a class with you, stories or me or you or both, the best paper you have ever written, or some cool tidbit of information you know I would like. You could even just sing me happy birthday and I would be over the moon happy. So no useless stuff for me please. Most of you have just gotten out of school and can’t afford it (well I know I can’t), and this way sounds more fun!

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  1. Happy Birthday Brent!
    Amber…Does giving you information on the space shuttle count as an early BD gift?
    Love Mom

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