Thanks Bill!

My step-dad Bill helped me check some things off my to do list yesterday that had been on there for a while. A new ribbon rack and this cool thing got put up.
I so love it this way. It’s more how I think anyway, so I think it will make me pull orders even quicker (even though you know I’m already super fly).

Other stuff:
-I put two new things up on eBay, a Halloween by the years album (someone asked me to do another one and I can’t find your email, so if this is you go look!) and a girly girl lunch pail. I really wish I would have gotten more lunch pails when I was in so cal. There were so many at their Micheal’s that they were dusty.
-Depeche Mode’s new album came out today. You have to check out this song: Precious (yes it’s from a Smallville episode. God I am just so addicted to that show. You’re hot Tom Welling, hot).
-I lost a pound! Go ballet class go! Oh and walking with my parent’s probably helped too.
-Tom Welling is hot! Proof:
If I saw Tom in real life I would probably faint. And then he would lean over to make sure I was okay and then I would rip off his shirt to feel his abs!
Edited to add: my mom thinks he looks like, well I can’t even say, but horrible basically and my brother thinks he looks like he’s on drugs. Someone back me up on his hotness here! Anyone?

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  1. I’ll back you up! He is hot!
    I love the ribbon rack! I agree if something is looking on the rough side, paint it black! I must go look at that Halloween book closer.

  2. Ok, I still don’t know who Tom is, lol…sorry! 🙂 But I love your ribbon rack!!

  3. COOL! love the ribbons! we are HUGE smallville fans! elsie

  4. Way hot.

  5. So Hot! But what can I say, he is my brother.

  6. LOL Bj, I love you! Erin, is he door worthy or what?

  7. So It’s just not my favorite picture of him… I didn’t say he wasn’t hot!

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