Let’s talk about Socks

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Remember these things? Ya, haven’t worn them once (beside the photo shoot). So let’s talk about socks.

Let’s talk about socks, baby
Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let’s talk about socks
Let’s talk about socks

ah hahahaha, I could keep replacing socks for sex through out that whole song, I’m cracking myself up here, maybe that’s because I’m going insane from my sock fiasco!!!! I mean shit, I go to all this trouble to make my self these awesome soft super custom socks and they don’t even fit, you have got to be kidding me!!! So I took this sock knitting class once. I’ve since decided that the teacher was supremely horrible because she did a lot of the things for us, like picking up stitches, and reading the patterns, instead of teaching us how to do it. Now, I was at the super awesome Weaving Works in Seattle and I told one of the SUPER AWESOME sales woman my dilemma. No pattern seems to fit, blah, blah, blah. She was like so helpful times ten. They have an awesome book/library area. So she gave me some books to look at, but said I should just read them a bit, but probably didn’t need to buy them since I knew how to knit the sock, it was the size that was giving me problems. Then she found this four dollar do-it-yourself pattern thing for me and baby, it rocks! I of course had to get lots of their fabulous fingering weight yarn, so I could make some more. And let me tell you I’m almost done with one sock and so far it fits perfect!

So what to do with these other socks? Well that’s where you come in my dear readers. I want someone to have them who would really like them. The pattern recommends hand-washing, but I think you could machine wash. I’ve hand washed them to block them out. Then let them dry, then put them in the dryer to try and shrink them (did not work). So you could definitely dry them hot. They are meant to be a little slouchy, but I couldn’t get two steps with out them falling down way too much. So I’ve made some requirements since I want these to be worn (after all they are like a frigin 35 dollar pair of socks, PLUS labor). So here are my measurements:

heel to longest toe: 9 inches
ankle: 8 inches
thickest part of calf: 13.5 inches
measurement around thickest part of foot 8 inches
shoe size: 7.5 or 8

If you would like to be considered for adopting the socks (which I will ship out on Thursday as long as I have a few takers) then please reply with your sizes. I think the smallest shoe size would be like a nine or something. And (I’m not saying this to be mean), but a hefty ankle might help too. My ankles are scrawny, and my calf too tiny for these socks. So all your measurements should be bigger than mine. I’m really hoping some one wants these socks. All this work, ahhhh.

In case there are more than one takers with good sizes (to be determined by me) then um… I guess tell me why these socks would be happy on your feet in your home (example: good hardwood floors for sliding).

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  1. Aw man. I LOVE those socks, but they’d be huge on me. I have dwarf feet. Dangit! I had never thought about it, but I bet socks would be hard to knit…… Thanks for the offer of the RAK! 🙂

  2. Those are super cute! They actually might fit my size 9 feet… Just love, love the pink and red together – and is that a little green detail at the top? Too fun.

  3. Nuh-uh…I’ve seen Angela’s feet and she’s lyin’ I tell ya. LOL….
    Me feet? Size 10 with the ankles to match.

  4. So I’ve got these short… Flinstone type feet… so these would not work for me but my ankles and calves are what you would say in skiing terms (trying to find just the right boot) Volumess… Anyway… I’ve tried these on and lets just say you’ve gotta really have a set of “cankles” and a little bit longer than Amber said, if you want to keep these things up. But they are Soooo Cute and Soft! Whoever gets them to fit will Love them!

  5. aah Bum! I have no idea what my foot size is in USA sizing! I do however have large ankles and even bigger calves – I can’t get socks to pull up over them!
    They would be perfick under me wellies and for sliding around on the floor though!!

  6. oh they are just my size!
    I have a house with ONLY laminate flooring, can you imagine how much fun the kids and I could have slipping and sliding around all the rooms and down the hallway.
    They look very well made, great job!

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