Word to the wise…

Only take this on if you are serious:
Because while washing, drying, pressing, de-threading, and folding your fabric stash may not seem like a big project, trust me it will be. See those drawers back there? Some how all this fit in one. So I thought, hey no big deal. I’ll wash it all so it will be already to use. I’ve decided that from now on I’m going to be a wash before I quilt person due to a few shrinkage issues in previous projects. So the thing is I really didn’t think I had that much fabric, I didn’t. I mean it fit in one drawer. So I do, and I realized that one washer load in, after unfolding and shaking all the fabric out. Then after the loads were washed I had to clip them all apart before putting them into the dryer because they frayed like crazy. Then after I dried them they were one big mess, more fraying. So I had to cut them, and then iron them, and then fold them.

But you know what? I am really happy that I did it. All of these pretty things are ready to use for anything! And I am going to be hunting for some vintage stuff this weekend, so I can wash that and add it to this. My new room color is going to be purple (thank you mom and god for not painting it peach), so I’m thinking an all green quilt. I don’t know. One thing I do know? This time when I design a quilt, I’ll factor in seam allowances. Opps!

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  1. i just love reading your blog. : ) you are funny, and cool. LOL
    when i got your newsletter with those flowers- dude- I was like look at her! dang! wish you could have got your HOF entry done. that rocks! oh and the new tarjay. yay for you!! when we got one here, i was totally in heaven. it is like withdrawal symptoms around here if i miss going by there at least 2 -3 times a month.;o) someday i will learn to quilt i hope. those colors are so very appealing!

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