Here’s what happened

See I thought I was all paid up with Typepad (the hosts of the blog), I updated my credit card info and hit pay and it said done, so I said cool. What I didn’t know was that charging that to my card would flag fraud services (and suspend my typepad account) Of course they (the credit card people) didn’t bother to call and tell me there was a flag on my account, so I had to find out the embarrassing way (as in tried to use my card and I got declined!!!). Then I was out of town and out of cell phone range, so I couldn’t call. I finally got it figured out yesterday, so I was going to post at Nick and Lacey’s (Remember them? I’m staying at their place until their parent’s come home Wednesday night). I typed all this out and had an entry and then Internet Explorer crashed on me, "oh well, we don’t want to work so do you like want to send a report into la la land where it won’t do anything?" So I opened it again, and again, and restarted, and switched users. And I’ve forgotten all the tricks to make PCs work since I’m on a Mac now, so I just wrote that little pathetic entry and called it good. I’m going to update my photo of the day pics from this weekend, and hopefully have time to blog a little later.

Hey see the archive list at the sorta top of the right hand column? Does anyone else who has typepad know how to make that a drop down or a longer list so you can see all of my months, not just the last ten? I can not figure it out.

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