One Year Later


Wow. The Ribbon Jar is one year old today. I just can’t believe it. I am so so happy that it has made it. I mean, ya, we’re still a baby, but everyday I feel like I learn more, and make the shop better. I really want to thank everyone who has supported me.

Bj darling you know I couldn’t have done this with out you. I brought you sketches and drawings for my site and you helped me turn that into a reality. You’ve stayed up late nights with me working out glitches and problems. You always had faith that it would work out, that I could do it, and for that I will be forever thankful.

To my mom, I don’t even know where to begin. Not just for the loan and a place to stay while the Ribbon Jar gets up to where it needs to be for me to be on my own, but most of all for the emotional support. I love that you celebrate every order with me, no one gets as excited as you. And months ago when I had days with out orders you gave me faith that things would keep rolling, and they have.

My blogging buddies. Sometimes I totally ignore the blog (um, like lately) because of the overwhelming job of owning my own business, but everyone I’ve "met" through this website has been so supportive. My very first order one year ago: "best of luck with your new shop!  i found your blog through the back-tack swap site and found your shop from there. (i am always curious how people find me).  i thought i would order a couple of goodies as a treat." That was order number 9 (the first 8 were tests). I never really thought about that, but it must have been a little scary to be the first one to order. So thank you so much Rebecca!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here’s a little something for you. A coupon. 🙂 It’s good for your whole order 14% off (365 days, so 3+6+5 = 14 clever huh?) Just type in alpblog in the coupon box. How about I make it last until Sunday (21st) at night. Enjoy!

Here’s a blast from the past: the opening post

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