It’s me… The Baby Stealer.

I admit it. When I see a little baby I want to hold it so so so so so so bad. Maybe my mom can shed a little light on when this started happening, but I remember feeling this way as far back as my memories go.

Today was my cousin Jenny’s baby shower. I was totally prepared, bringing of course mini hand knits and my camera. But lo, when I got there thing I hadn’t expected, someone had brought a baby! The thing was it was sleeping all cute in its little car seat thingie, so I didn’t ask to hold it right away, but I kept my eye on the baby – so cute! As soon as it started stirring I went over to it and told it just how cute I thought it was, "you’re so cute, yes you are, you’re just the cutest little thing, you have the cutest little nose." It’s like I have some kind of baby talking disease, I don’t even want to do it, but I do it no matter what. Cute babies they have this unnatural power over me. Will this go away when I have my own children? I don’t know, one can only hope. Anyway I asked to hold it, but the mom was just getting up to leave, ack! NOOOOOO! Why don’t you just dangle candy in front of my face and then feed me beets?!?!?! I want to hold the baby, wah wah wah. It wouldn’t be so horrible if Michele would have her baby already (she was due Friday) and I could hold that one. So besides that disappointment we had lots of fun. Jenny liked the sweater.

It was one of the only non-pink things, I was very proud. My thinking was green goes great with pink and purple, oh and also that I’m on a budget and this was left over yarn from
Baby’s first ribbon, now is that cute or what?

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  1. the sweater turned out sooo fabulous amber! that reminds me though…i have a little project that I need to finish up before my friends due date!

  2. CUTE sweater…
    I have the same baby syndrome as you . . . if a baby is in the room, I’m holding it! Totally laughed at the dangling candy and giving you beets comment! I can relate! 🙂

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