To Sciarrino’s secret pal:


Okay people. Things are happening. People are sending out packages and a few of you have gotten them already. Sciarrino (one of the blogless swapers) got her package yesterday (from my mom!) and loves it. Emily got her package from Dianne and promises to post soon on her blog all the goodies she got. I’m so excited that the whole thing is going well. Please remember to email me when you send out and when you receive. I’m putting together an awesome super cool swap ribbon jar for the winner of the drawing! Thanks again for doing this I can’t wait to see what you all get!


That was Julie to Sciarrino (posting here for the blogless). I won’t post what Sciarrino sent yet, but it’s freaking awesome! *and also note that Julie didn’t have to pay shipping because we live in the same town, hence the cool heavy drawer thing.

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  1. This swap was completely worth it. Julie totally rocked the game and I am lovin my loot. I already know what I’m going to do with the fabric.
    DAWN! Get ready cause you’re package is mailing tomorrow (Tuesday Aug.1)!

  2. So so so cool! I’ll be sending mine off tomorrow, but of course I’ll shoot you an email when it happens!!! 🙂
    So fun! I love this whole idea! 🙂

  3. What a lovely package of goodies. I posted a sneak peek of my swap package. It will be in the mail tomorrow. I had so much fun putting this together. Thanks Amber for hosting this!

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