Two Part Post: Part 2

In between all of that I’ve been working on my house. And when I say work I mean physical labor. It think if you look back through the blog you may notice that I don’t mention labor that often, or working out either. Because I don’t really enjoy it and I don’t do it that often. Well I’m doing it now!

This cute and fun picture of Anna and her mom, Jolie doesn’t do a good job of showing how big this ten yard dumpster is, but I want you to know that I filled this thing up BY MY SELF. This is something I thought was beyond my physical limit. While I was doing that my mom painted:
So here’s a before refinishing shot. I would like to add that the trim and windows (which we have to idea how we are to paint) are going to be a nice picket fence white instead of the nasty cream you see here. So the colors will look better, have no fear. I took a shower when I got home at ten tonight and found so many scraps and bruises on me. Half I don’t even remember getting. Lots more work to do still, but the fun stuff is going to start soon – the stripping, oh ya.

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  1. And painted… And painted… Glad we get to take a couple of days off while they work on the floors!

  2. The house looks incredible, I need to get over there and help out, looks like ill have the chance this weekend, concrete crushing here we go.

  3. Congrats on your home ownership! The house is very cute! We just painted two bathrooms today. We used Pratt & Lambert in one bathroom (man, that stuff is EXPENSIVE, but it’s really good) and Benjamin Moore in the other. The Devine stuff from Miller Paint isn’t bad. You need a couple coats for sure, but the colors are nice.

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