Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Do you have a nasty (usually brown) old thermostat? Like this:

Do you want your old place to look like it has a whole new heating system? Do you want to save the earth one little unit of energy at a time? Do you want to save money too? Then you need a new programable thermostat!!! Installing this cool new gadget is as easy as 1-2-3!

1)Take off old thermostat from wall, but be careful, they are usually full of mercury so maybe get a friend to hold it while you unscrew and untwist the wires from the thing. No need to disconnect power as it’s low voltage (but um, I did because I saw this thing where this guy was electrocuted through his drive though window (he was a bank teller) and then he was messed up his whole life, so I have a fear of that now).

2)Set the date and time on your fancy new thermostat. See the great thing about these is that they will kick on your crummy old energy sucking furnace exactly when you say, every day! And you can set them differently for weekends and stuff.

3)Connect wires to new thermostat and screw to wall. If you have old plaster you might have to drill itty bitty holes for the screws like I did, but that’s easy!

I got my thermostat at Home Depot for 39.97 (if you live outside Oregon add tax), how cheap is that? And I got a 7 day programmable! Try this! It’s easy!

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  1. I will have to do this! I think it will save so much energy but I am afraid! I hope I can hook it up right!!! I will make a trip to HD this w/e because my thermostat is sooooo old.

  2. I’m thinking that thermostat is a good idea for my apt as the old one is way off on the temp gages. I could always take it back off and take it with me when I leave, right?

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