Bizzaro Salem

Today was the weirdest day, just plain psycho weird. You know that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine starts hanging out with Bizarro Jerry? Well it was Bizarro Salem today. First of all I spent the night last night up in Portland and as I was driving back into town I see this sign "incident ahead" Okay… Then I see the smoke and everything, right on Brent’s block! I ask the cop redirecting traffic and there is this huge four alarm fire going on half a block from Brent’s (his apartment "smells like crap" now). This is weird, it’s a place that was going to be going out of business so the whisper around town was that they did it for the insurance money. But that in and of it’s self not too weird, right? Well then I’m at my house paint, with my mom and she gets a call from Bill. He’s just been evacuated from the Roth’s he had a meeting at because of a pipe bomb. And yes he saw it, it’s real. Holy crap what? I’m stuck in this house with nothing but paint fumes, no radio, no TV, no internet. So I call up the Sciarrino-nator. She had heard nothing of the pipe bomb, so I said, look it up, and call me back! She calls back, reads from a page online, "the bomb at the hospital is similar to the one described at Roth’s." What? two bombs? My mom keeps trying to call Bill but he’s not answering and we don’t know what’s going on so I call Bj. "Bj, check this out, Bill’s just gotten evacuated because of bomb, and there’s one in the hospital, is any of that on the news?" "No, it’s all about this foiled terrorism plot." Me: "um, what?" "Ya, they caught like 20 guys, and now you can’t take liquid or electronics as carry ons." "what?!?!" My mom (to whom I’m relaying) "I’m never flying again."

So the day was stranger than strange. I’m sure our "little" incidents didn’t make it very far on the news, but still weird. Eventually they exploded the bombs, the one at the hospital was in a parking garage and targeted to a specific woman. She saw a wire on her rear view and when she moved it a bomb rolled out from under her car. She called 911, I, well I would have shit myself.

And I can back this up:
the pipe bombs (holy crap they just found another one!)
the fire (related to the pipe bombs? no one is saying)
the foiled plan and the liquid ban

Let’s hope I can survive Salem long enough to get some good thrifting in tomorrow.

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  1. With all the crazyness in the world… I was happy to see a picture of Micheles baby from the day before. There is good in this world with all the disfunction!

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