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Okay so it was a long day working today on the house. And after we were all done we went to my mom’s house to chow down on some Thai food and watch some travel channel. Bill flipped it to a program about the Colorado river (to which I constantly yelled at the TV, lies, all LIES!). In between these outbursts Bj and I were reminiscing about our 10,548 mile trip around the United States, in which we crossed the Colorado no less than five times. They mentioned Glen Canyon Dam and Bj was all, "Oh hey, that’s right where we swam." I was like, "Ya, well, but actually behind the dam." "No," Bj said, "In front of the dam." "I’m sorry sweetie, but I think you’re going mental, it was behind the dam." "Do you want to bet?" "Yes I do, I’ll bet you a hundred bucks." Bj: "wait, let me think about this, yes, I’m right, okay I’ll bed you $100." {we shake on it} Bj: "Honey I can’t take your money." "That’s okay babe," I said, "I can take yours." Then I got to thinking, hey, I took a million pictures on that trip, and wasn’t one of me in front of the dam, (where I got Cadillac Desert, incidentally and the
Game over. Memory keepers please note, there are never enough pictures, just think if I had skipped out on this photo opportunity!

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  1. Heh. John and I had an ongoing difference of opinion about an event in China in 1995 (when we adopted Em) and a couple of years ago I stumbled on a picture proving………(sigh) him right. I’d like to tell you I showed it to him. I just seemed to have misplaced it.

  2. Oh yes… Pictures! But isn’t that a dress you are wearing and not a swimsuit? Just playing devils advocate…. Perhaps you went to the other side, put your swimsuit on and swam there.

  3. Ooops I meant to add that the socks I made with the yarn you dyed for me were wonderful and kept my feet warm all the way to Alaska. They were also went goldpanning with the kids and I in Juneau and walking and salmon watching in Ketchican. I also wore them on the balcony while gaxing at the beautiful Hubbard Glacier! Thanks again!

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