The Backyard

I don’t really focus much on my yard because, well, I’ve kinda let it go… a lot. As in not watered it once since signing the papers for the place. I’m not lying when I say I didn’t want to waste the water. I knew it wouldn’t be lush and green, and dumping water on it seemed pointless to me. But the weeds were getting a bit out of control. So my lovely little brother came over Saturday to chop down the dandelions. Thanks Taylor, and Happy Birthday (he’s 16 today!).
That poor holly tree is so ugly. I think I have to have a couple of trees pruned, like the big walnut on the other side of the yard. And when they do that they’ll have to give Holly a little haircut.

When I look at my yard I actually see it as one of those encyclopedia pictures where there is the overlay. You know the ones, one page has a skeleton, then the next has muscles. Well my yard looks like that to me. I see the big amount of grass, and slope, but over the top I can see the rock wall I want to do, with the patio, and big flower garden boxes mixed with my veggies. I picture that skinny side yard done up all nice with gravel, then pea gravel on top, maybe someday stone. And on that lots of planters growing up all sorts of pretty things that I can see and smell from the basement office. It’s a little depressing to think that with all the money I’ll be spending on water proofing the basement I could totally landscape my yard. But oh well, I’ll have all winter to pull pages from magazines and dream up even more brilliant ideas.

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  1. Even tho the grass isn’t green, the yard is clean and I can see the potential. I can’t wait till it’s all done. It will be so rewarding for you!

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