Okay so you thought the Sumco letters were kick ass? Well apparently you didn’t catch my picture of the day on Design

She cleaned those letters up for her new studio, but the studio doesn’t have enough wall space. They are in the Ribbon Jar right now, but might go into storage because they are quite massive, and I do want to put the row of chairs there. Haven’t decided. So what I’m getting to is that we still have some left over letters, and I am planning on getting back over to Sumco for some of those. We want to do some kind of swap, so that we can spell things we want, or get our initials, or maybe cool fabric, whatever. Would that be something you were interested in? I was thinking I could just put pictures up of the letters individually and take offers on each one. It will be a few weeks, I’m still unpacking my craft room and working on Ribbon Jar like crazy, but I wanted to get a feel for if this would be something you are all interested in. Let me know!

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  1. I think swapping for a letter would be AWESOME, however, I have no letters in my current possession. I have loads and loads of fabric, trim and buttons though.

  2. WOW – those are huge!
    They would take up too much room in my studio but I would LOVE smaller sizes….for the word “ART” or just different “d”s .
    I used to own a quilt shop so have lots of 100 % cottons to trade or even art work.

  3. i love a good swap, but i’m commenting on that sick picture of the earwigs…seriously- those bugs are so gross! getting in your jammers. yuck.

  4. Hehehehehe for 2 reasons:
    1. I like earwigs and earwigs tried to eat you.
    2. ‘Jammers’ is what we call tampons in our house.
    Double hahahahaha

  5. um…yeah…but unfortunately I would want an “a” for my last name. But now that I think of it I could use a “d”, “e” or “r”….swapping though….hmmmmmmmmmmm….swaping money sounds good. I don’t think you would be interrested in what I could offer but I will keep my eyes peeled and make an offer when it comes.

  6. uhhh I would PAY for any of the following letters 🙂
    LOVE THOSE and LOVE YOUR BLOG. Read but never post cause well I am
    just that way. LOL

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