It so strange to find all these little bits of my younger years. I haven’t cleared out every nook and cranny since I moved in when I was almost 13. And though I have almost everything here I still have a bunch of really random things, like this, at my mom’s.

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  1. Alright – I think we are both up too late.
    I run across two odd things every once in a while. One is the piece of paper that my grandmother wrote down my weight, length, name and time of my birth on when my mom called her with it. And the other is little medalion with my childhood homes address on it that says: “Please return to George Cardas” on the other side. I guess I wandered off a lot… 🙂

  2. And you are all thes things!… Well maybe not a famous actress, but you can act! and you are definitely intelligent, kind, loving, nice & good

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