Take Amber to Work Day

So when I was younger I got to go to all these cool places for take your daughter to work day; job sites. My dad’s in construction and I loved picking up little left over things or cool looking pieces of "garbage" from the sites, like those little metal pieces that come from putting in new plug boxes, I still have my collection of those fake coin like things. So when my dad acquired a closed Sumco plant I was ready to rummage. This place is the creepiest, coolest playground. The company relocated the crystal growing facilities and wafer manufacturing to Ohio/overseas, both too far to take all the weird equipment they had at the Salem plant. We’re talking huge equipment, strange equipment, and miles of wire and duct work. I’ve been there twice already to get some shelves for my jars, and laundry area (see
There are so many tubes at this place; pink tubes, florescent tubes, iron tubes that look like Augustus Gloop could get sucked up in one, all kinds of tubes.

I’ll be back for you little a just you wait.

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  1. ahhh!!!
    is there an S?
    okay…TWO s’s cause I’m sure Sciarrino has first dibs. 🙂
    and for the record I totally would have rolled you around in that big tube! 🙂

  2. Is there a “D” – lower or upper case?
    WOW!!! What a lucky person you are to be able to check out all those goodies – I’d think I was in heaven or something as I do altered art and people think I use the weirdest things!!!
    LOVED the tour and look forward to seeing what you do with YOUR finds.

  3. Have you ever been inside HP? It’s so crazy in there, you would love it. Try to get smuggled in sometime if you haven’t.

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